Saturday, 21 December 2013

Voices of Tomorrow

Voices of Tomorrow

A young Rock & Pop Choir in Rayleigh singing punchy music with our own live young rock band all across Essex and the South East
Rehearsals : St Michaels Hall, Rayleigh
Time : Fri - 5.30-7.00pm

Contact: Tom Blackburn 01702 202112

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Ella Collins said...

My name is Ella Collins. Me and my sister went to this choir but we got kicked out for the dumbest and most discriminative reason ever. Please note that I am disabled as well as my sister who likes to watch. For being disabled. Aparently she is disruptive by doing and saying nothing. She likes to watch and she is apparently disruptive. May I also mention that a boy with down syndrome was kicked out on the same day for being disabled. Not finished there. My sister was pushed down a ramp and I don't mean the nice way or assistance. They literally pushed her like a bully in the playground down a ramp and she couldn't stop herself as she needs assistance with her chair. Just because the wheelchair accidentally went on someones foot. My mum was rudely spoken to and they haven't apologised for discrimination and has infringed our rights as human beings and has violated the Equality Act 2010. I wouldn't recommend this choir. I liked the choir before. Kids Choir 2000 because they treated everyone equally.
Ella Collins

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