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Eastwood music festival - Day of the Dead Flemings Farm

Day of the Dead Folk Music Festival

When: bank holiday weekend in August - two-day folk festival
Where:  in a field next to Flemings Farm Road, Eastwood, Essex

A “family friendly’ weekend to cater for about 1,000 revelers.
A family occasion and an all age’s folk festival.

Its a very small old school kinda festival , bands , booze , food, motorcycles, good peaking people all in a private field in Eastwood.. with a little twist, which is ... it's 'day of the dead' theme , it's totally optional if you wanna do the Mexican thang .. but was plenty of sugar skulls and some amazing looking dead last year.

Last year we did not start till 3pm so this year we changed it till high noon , so a little more time... also last year we had to stop selling tickets because of police interest.

Anyway .. this year we have already got events license and more importantly the booze license ...

Now the new things this year ... 'DIRTY HOTEL SALOON'
The beer will be £2.50 a pint , there will also be Jack of course and someone is doing Giant Cocktails too .. the fact we are doing this bar will mean no booze to be brought in... we are not gonna be greedy with booze prices but we are doing this to raise funds.. and this year we are spending way more on the event ... bigger P.A lots of amazing lights , more toilets , lighting for the field... and a huge big top style circus tent.. which is over a grand to hire .. but we feel it'd be wise to have it so even if the Gods turn against us we can just say ...

'Fuck you.. we got us some shelter.'


Sat Aug 25 2012 at 12:00 pm

Also this year ...

As well as some amazing bands .. there will be belly dancing , The Poi girls and apparently a reverse medicine tent where you can go to make yourself a little worse off.
There will also be a few stalls.. like coconut shire... toss the horse-shoe...face painting etc...

There will be a raffle... for some Phillious tee's / prints and booze , there will be the best home-made burger stall you ever did try ... which will of course be selling 'The Mexican Burger' topped with home-made fresh Salsa ... sour cream , chillies etc ...

Oh but the ... best prize ....


Right .. we have not the room for camping so it's strictly , a few bands that can-not get home as too far and a few select friends... that will make up an after party ... log fire songs from some very talented singer songwriters that I know are up for staying.. and rumors of a movie screen for later, hmm..tempted..?


A 'plus one' invite to the after party ... with a huge tee-pee on site thrown in for the night ... a double bed inside .. lots of blankets fir throws , pillows and a 'bottle of champagne'

a good end to the night huh !

Right I will add more to this as I know more

Tickets will be printed next week hopefully .. we are gonna sell em in batches ... there are only gonna be about 280 going on sale .. as the band , film crews , folks working there list is already on 70.... once the tickets are gone that is it ... there are no reserving .. so please don't ask ..

Tickets will be on sale at gigs and from myself... Mark.

they are £20 each

Bands please note...

Sadly there is no guest list at all.. as it says above already 70 bands crew... we only want 350 to the party.

More Music Festivals info.

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