Monday, 27 April 2015

Belvedere Music Shop in Basildon Essex

Belvedere Music Shop - Town Square, Basildon.


TWO musicians hope to open Basildon’s first dedicated music shop in six years.
Guitarist Jonathan Reichard and DJ Arun Bhatia, from Basildon, plan to open Belvedere Music in Town Square, Basildon.

The music shop will be in the unit formerly occupied by MJ Music, which closed in 2009, after 16 years.

Mr Reichard, 42, of Clayburn Side, said: "While working a day job in Basildon, as a part-time guitarist I noticed I couldn't buy something as simple as guitar strings locally.

“There was no music shop. A town this size usually has a music shop, so I asked around and learnt that there used to be one in the Town Square, no less, which did well, but had closed a few years back.

“I saw a gap in the market, I had just sold my house in London and moved to Basildon and wanted to stop working for a boss.

“I did the maths and found out that I could afford everything to set the shop up, but we were going to struggle to make the security deposit for the shop’s lease.”

Belvedere Music will carry a comprehensive range of instruments, from orchestral to pop and rock equipment, including guitars, microphones, keyboards, brass, woodwind and percussion.

Mr Reichard and Mr Bhatia, 39, of Pomfret Mead, hope to raise enough money for a deposit for the unit, most recently trainer shop Beppi, through crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

MJ Music opened in the Liberty Hall in 1991, before moving to Town Square in 1993.

Mr Reichard said: “The owners closed the business in 2009 because they were concerned they couldn't compete in an online marketplace, but times have changed since then and we are planning to run an online shop as well.”

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