Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Southend Tech Festival Coding Robotics workshops

Southend Tech Fest

Sunday 3rd March 2019 10.00am-4.30pm
 The Hive Enterprise Centre
Southend on Sea

Learn to code robots, Raspberry Pi, tech talks and other projects.

More info and booking here.

Southend Raspberry Jam

Saturday 30st May 2015 10am - 5pm

Location : Tickfield Centre, Southend on Sea


Competition - Get an Astronaut to run your class's experiments in Space 

Find out how to win a competition where British ESA Astronaut Tim Peake will run your experiment on two Raspberry Pi Computers on the International Space Station.

There will be talks, workshops, show and tell, videos, robots, flashing leds and lots of fun.

Learn to program in Scratch (a simple visual programming language used in Primary Schools)

Learn how to program Minecraft in Python.

    Create your own servers / media centres
    Create your own web page, change another web page.
    Interface your Raspberry Pi / arduino with leds, buzzers, switches, PiCam.
    Wifi Internet access
    Make lots of new friends
    Buy raspberry pi products

BOOK HERE For the Southend Raspberry Jam

All ages and abilities welcome. No Pi required.

If you have a Pi or laptop or smartphone, then bring it along.

If you would like to hold a talk or workshop, demo your projects or sell your goods, we would love to here from you.
Watch this space and follow us on @SouthendRpiJams for further details.

Venue Details:
10am to 5pm
Tickfield Centre

What is a Raspberry Pi ?

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