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Horror on Sea Film Festival at Park Inn Palace

Southend Film Festival

Horror-on-Sea will be showcasing new independent fantasy and horror films at a weekend of horror you will not want to miss!

Dates : Fri 17TH TO 19TH JANUARY 2014

Where : Park Inn Palace

Ticket Information
Tickets for individual films £5.00
Day Passes £20 You save £10
Weekend Passes (limited to 100) £50 You save £40

Pat Higgins’ Masterclass, Friday Fright Night double bill and Saturday’s ‘Salty Shorts’ programmes (not included in Day or Weekend Passes) £5.00 each

Tickets can be obtained on-line at the eShop at www.visitsouthend.co.uk,

by telephone on 01702 618747 or in person from the Visitor Information Centre at Southend Pier(Western Esplanade, SS1 1EE).

Tickets for all screenings and events will be available from the Ticket Desk at the venue throughout the Festival.

Friday 17th January
10am Motel 666 (Carlos Jimenez Flores / 2013 / USA / 1h 20m)
The crew of a reality show for ghost hunters visits a haunted motel in search of paranormal activity.
+ Baby-Sitting (Lucas Masson / 2012 / France / 20m)
Sometimes it’s not easy money…

Baby Sitting
Motel 666
Simon is a motel owner looking to expand business by marketing his motel as haunted. So he invites a reality television crew to spend the night collecting paranormal evidence. When the crew shows up, they get more than they bargain for. The level of paranormal activity is very high which is cause for concern for the crew's leader and television host, Ted. There is no turning back, but will Ted and his team survive?
Baby Sitting
A young woman accepts a babysitting offer from a couple she doesn’t know. Puzzled by the children’s odd behavior, she invites some friends to keep her company. Little do they know that it will be the worst night of their lives…

12.30pm Coyote (Trevor Juenger / 2013 / USA / 1h 15m) 
Bill, a deeply troubled writer, has developed a debilitating case of insomnia.
+ 8 (Raul Cerezo / 2011 / Spain / 14m)
At 8 years old, a child begins to distinguish between good and evil.

Coyote is a surreal look into the broken mind of mentally disturbed writer, Bill (Bill Oberst, Jr.) as he chronicles his nightmares and hallucinations. Compulsive insomnia drives Bill over the edge of sanity as his aggressive behavior evolves into a sadistic rampage.
Coyote strip
At 8 years old, the discipline and personality of a child will begin to take shape, and the distinction between good and evil starts to be defined. The time to see our wish fulfilled came at last. You’re invited.

3pm IXTAB (Manuel Eiras / 2013 / Spain-USA / 1h 20m)
Awakening after 500 years, IXTAB turns a gathering of old high school friends into a nightmare.
+ Plug and Play (Davy Sihali / 2013 / France / 20m)
A man comes to regret creating a website for humiliated men who want revenge on their exes. 

Sarah is just like any other teenage girl. She is in her first year of college, lives with her father in an enormous house in the suburbs and dreams of the day she can live on her own. However, something terrible is about to happen to her. What begins as a gathering of old high school friends becomes an authentic nightmare. For Sarah, there is only one thing worse than witnessing the horror— not knowing why it is happening. IXTAB has decided to take her first victims after 500 years of lethargy.
A man has created a website for humiliated men who want to get revenge of their ex, publishing naked pictures of her. He is Anonyman, but soon, some problems are going to perturb his daily life...

5.30pm The Invoking (Jeremy Berg / 2013 / USA / 1h 22m)
A young woman unearths a forgotten past that was better left undisturbed.
+ Stella Buio (Lori Bowen / 2012 / USA / 15m)
In this homage to Italian zombie films, a medium reunites a family with the dearly departed – literally.

The Invoking
Stella Buio
The Invoking
A young woman unearths a forgotten past that was better left undisturbed.
Stella Buio
In this loving homage to 70s and 80s Italian horror films, a medium named Stella Buio helps a family reconnect with their loved one, literally, as he's brought back from the grave to wreak havoc on them all.

8pm The Haunting of Harry Payne (Martyn Pick / 2013 / UK / 1h 14m)
Ex-gangster Harry Payne confronts his violent past by taking vengeance from beyond the grave.
+ The Hunt (Spencer Esterbrooks / 2013 / Canada / 9m)
A father and son hunting trip. What could possibly go wrong? 

Harry Payne
The Hunt
The Haunting of Harry Payne
Ex-London gangster Harry Payne retires to Norfolk to be close to his wife, driven mad when he was forced to kill his best friend, psychopathic gang boss Eugene McCann. Immediately he is drawn into a murder mystery in which an obsessive local police detective targets him as the killer. Unknown to anyone, Harry has psychic abilities he has always suppressed with alcohol. Now he must confront the supernatural and his own personal demons to save his wife and free the tormented souls of the ghosts that haunt him.

Harry Payne Strip
The Hunt
A father and Son hunting trip turns into a fight for life or death.

10.30pm Lock In (Mark Howard / 2013 / UK / 1h 19m)
An ambitious young executive, working through the night, realises she’s not alone.
+ Family Traditions (James Klein / 2012 / USA / 16m)
In the wake of her mother’s death, Tina confronts her father about his subsequent absence.

Lock in
Family Traditions
Lock In
An ambitious young advertising executive returns to work after a six month break following a brutal rape during a fancy dress party, but when she has to work through the night on a new account she soon discovers there is someone else in the office block, hell-bent on mayhem and murder.
Family Traditions
On a cold autumn day, Tina confronts her father about his absence in the wake of her mother's death. But can Tina convince her father, brother and uncle that continuing their traditions will stabilize this unstable family?  


Saturday 18th January
10am The Inflicted (Matthan Harris / 2012 / USA / 1hr 23m)
When Melissa is rescued from him, David goes on a murderous rampage to get his ‘family’ back.
+ Dystopia St. (David Cave / 2011 / UK / 11m)
Lost in a nightmare world, a man must unravel the mystery of his plight before he can escape.

Dystopia St
The Inflicted
Psychotic medical student David O'Hara kidnaps and impregnates Melissa Daniels in an effort to replace his fractured family, and embarks on a bloody campaign to get her back after police rescue her from his twisted warehouse of horrors.
Inflicted Strip
Dystopia St
Lost in a nightmare world a man must unravel the mystery of his plight in order to find the key to his escape.

12.30pm Evil Bread (Andy Ward / 2013 / UK / 1h 37m)
A film crew awakens an ancient evil, dormant for millennia and eager for souls.
+ Rats! (Stewart Sparke / 2013 / UK / 3m)
When a young woman tackles a rat infestation she gets more than she bargained for.
+ Frostbite (Stewart Sparke / 2012 / UK / 2m)
Faux trailer: An Arctic research vessel discovers a submarine lost during World War II.

Evil Bread
Evil Bread
Life is simple for Andy & Dave. They spend much of their lives watching horror films, and when their college media course demands that they actually contribute, they create horror films. Their cast: Barbie and Ken dolls.

Unfortunately the Media Teacher, Mr. Taylor, is not impressed, and imposes an ultimatum; a short film with real actors, or the job centre.

After a last minute stop at the college Drama department, Andy and Dave acquire a cast of actors that no one else wanted, and set off for an abandoned bungalow. Their hearts full of dreams. Their heads empty of ideas.

However, at the small and unassuming bungalow, all is not as it seems. An ancient evil dormant for millennia is awakening, and hungers for the souls of the living.

For Andy and Dave, one question remains: will this film be the death of them?
A young woman returns home late one night to find her Rat infestation growing out of control. When she decides to take matters into her own hands however, she discovers a ravenous threat from beyond the stars.

3pm The Casebook of Eddie Brewer (Andrew Spencer / 2012 / UK / 1h 29m)
Eddie Brewer, an old-school paranormal investigator, is trailed as part of a documentary.
+ Sleepworking (Gavin Williams / 2012 / UK / 16m)
A ‘sleepworker’, programmed for menial labour while she is asleep, suffers disturbing side effects.

The Casebook of Eddie Brewer
A documentary film crew follows old-school paranormal investigator, Eddie Brewer, as he becomes involved in two disturbing and baffling cases. A little girl is believed to be possessed by a malevolent entity; and weird and disquieting noises have been heard in the cellar of a rundown Eighteenth Century mansion now used by the local council. Brewer must not only contend with sceptics and rivals in his own field who try to undermine his investigations, but he is dogged by personal guilt over the death of his wife. Facing the greatest challenge of his life, he confronts the source of these paranormal manifestations during an all-night vigil at the old house. What begins as a mocking expose of Eddie’s life becomes a terrifying battle between reason and the paranormal.
A dark satirical thriller with a hallucinogenic edge which deals with the ultimate workplace exploitation in a world chillingly not too far from our own

3pm Fake Blood and Real Guts! Writing and Filming Your Horror Classic
Pat Higgins (KillerKiller / Hellbride / Bordello Death Tales) Masterclass
(Laurel & Hardy Suite, Park Inn Palace Hotel / 2h)
Master Class
Pat Higgins has been called the 'Essex Auteur' in ‘Empire’ magazine, one of the most 'promising British directors' in ‘Fangoria’ magazine and simply a 'funny guy' in ‘Total Film’. He's the original writer and creator of 'Strippers vs. Werewolves' (although he accepts no responsibility for the resulting
movie) and co-creator of the 'Death Tales' series ('Bordello Death Tales', 'Nazi Zombie Death Tales'). He's also responsible for some of the most fiercely original independent horror features to emerge from the UK in recent years, including 'The Devil's Music' (Best Independent Feature - Festival of Fantastic Film 2008) and 'KillerKiller' (which “grabs you by the titties and doesn't let go” according to ‘Fatally Yours’).
Join Pat as he rattles through the process of shooting horror for no bloody money: including a mixture of never-before-seen video clips, real-world advice for would-be filmmakers and a batch of stories from the gore-soaked front lines of independent horror filmmaking. 

5.30pm Mister White (Erica Summers / 2013 / USA / 1h 34m)
When Tyler is subjected to juvenile pranks, he calls upon ‘Mister White’ to exact bloody revenge.
+ Somebody to Love (Phil Haine / 2013 / UK / 11m)
Love has found Sebastian. It just wasn’t the love he was expecting.

Mister White
Somebody to love
Mister White
When a group of popular college students choose bizarre Tyler Rooney as the new target for their juvenile pranks, Tyler seeks out a mambo (voodoo priestess) and performs an ancient hoodoo ritual to unleash bloodthirsty "Mister White" to exact a brutal revenge and punish them all for their sins.
Sombody to Love
When Sebastian brings Cassandra home he thinks he has found perfection. The fact that she is dead is only the first sign that perfection is rarely if ever obtainable.

8pm Molly Crows (Ray Wilkes / 2013 / UK / 1h 39m)
Jess and her alcoholic mother are easy targets for bullies. But there's something different about Jess.
+ Grime Horror Trilogy (Richard Elson / 2013 / UK / 8m)
Three tales of terror – short but deadly

Molly Crows
Molly Crows
When seven year old Jess and her alcoholic Mother arrive in Haslem, she's an easy target for the brutal bullying culture. But there's something different about Jess. She can see and hear things that other people can't. When Jess is brutalized in a country lane, the ancient spirits of the area appear, angry and full of vengeance. The townspeople take the law into their own hands and commit a terrible act upon an innocent, as brutal and unforgivable as the notorious Witchfinders from centuries past.
Grime Horror Trilogy
Synopsis: A close shave goes too far when a man looks deep into his soul and doesn't like what he sees.
Synopsis: Following a passionate affair Eve becomes consumed by guilt and tormented by demons. Driven to the point of madness she must do all she can to resist them and not succumb to the evil within.
Synopsis: Jude is on the run from a sinister organisation who chase him to the eerie streets of Venice. The victim of a desperate hunt, he soon learns that he has been betrayed by the one person he thought he could trust.

10.30pm The Pyramid (Roberto Albanesi/Luca Alessandro/Simone Chiesa/Antonio Zannone / 2013 / Italy / 1h 30m) Four episodes connected to an infernal pyramid that spreads madness and death.
+ Zombie Nation (Sebastian Harrer / 2013 / Germany / 7m)
Today's consumer and profit-led society can be hostile. Especially if you are a zombie.

The Pyramid
Zombie NAtion
The Pyramid
Four episodes strictly connected to an infernal object: a bizarre pyramid that came into our world to spread madness, death and destruction. 
Zombie Nation
Toady's profit and consumer society is a society hostile. Especially if you are a zombie. To avoid being lynched, he regularly goes to work, disguises as a man as well as he can and tries to behave discreetly. Not so easy, if you decay and bleed at every nook and corner...


Sunday 19th January
10am All the Fear of the Fair (Chris Jupp / 2013 / UK / 1hr 20m)
After a roller-coaster accident the ghosts of the dead children torment an unscrupulous developer.
+ Fist of Fire (Malakias / 2013 / Finland / 7m)
Drummer Pekka dies by a bird infection, but that doesn`t stop his drumming hand`s journey.

all the fear of the fair
fist of fire
All the fear of the Fair
An old dying Fairground Owner, racked with guilt over a fatal accident on one of his rides. Tries to make amends by building a youth club in remembrance of the young victims, but finds himself too ill and too old. Mark Sheppard a ruthless property developer promises to take over the project, his real motive, to rip off the old man and turn the building into a seedy lap-dancing club has disastrous consequences. Horrific accidents, ghostly visions and a killer laughing clown make him wish he'd never started. Some promises it seems can't be broken.
Fist of Fire
Death Metal drummer Pekka dies by a bird infection, but that doesn`t stop his drumming hand`s journey.

12.30pm Last Look (Hernando Bansuelo / 2013 / USA / 1 h 22m)
Following a family tragedy, a young woman returns to her dysfunctional home for one last look.
+ Belly of the Wolf (Mark Fisher / 2012 / UK / 23m)
On an abandoned airbase, a young boy stumbles across a blood stained jacket.

Last look
Belly of the Wolf
Last Look
LAST LOOK is a domestic psychological thriller that blurs the line between fantasy and reality, the theater and real life. Following a family tragedy, young Susan returns to her dysfunctional home. Soon, she is drawn into a dangerous drama that's being played out by her faded actress mother and her obsessive film-maker brother. And only one will survive the night...
Belly of the Wolf
Belly of the Wolf is a dark and disturbing adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Brought forward into the modern day it tells the story of a young boy, Daniel Parker, who finds himself wandering alone on an old abandoned army airbase. When Daniel stumbles across a blood stained jacket it triggers a chain of events that he could have never imagined and sends him on a journey into the darkest depths of human nature and beyond.

3pm KillerKiller: The Special Edition (Pat Higgins / 2013 / UK / 1hr 16m)
In a secure facility for captured serial killers, someone, or something, is picking off the inmates.
+ Dust! (Keith Joseph Domican / 2013 / Ireland / 12m)
Barnaby likes a clean house. But the dust decides to fight back with some cleaning of its own.

killer killer
Killer Killer
In the middle of nowhere, there lies a secure facility housing only serial killers. One morning the doors are open and the guards have vanished, but a strange freezing mist surrounds the building, preventing the inmates from leaving. Then, one by one, they are murdered. The survivors bicker, fight and blame each other, but the thing that's killing them looks suspiciously like a traditional 'victim'... A babysitter in a shower, a cheerleader, a camper
Barnaby likes to keep a clean house. But the more he cleans the dirtier it seems to get. For this is the fateful day that the dirt decides to fight back and do some cleaning of it's very own...

5.30pm C.A.M. (Steve Du Melo/Larry Downing / 2013 / UK / 1h 25m)
Police are deployed when a rare parasite contaminates a meat processing plant.
+ Doll Face (Louis Paxton / 2013 / UK / 15m)
On a dinner date, Lilly expects Henry to declare his love. But he has an unsettling confession to make

Trainee tactical police and civilian camera crew are sent on a mission to evacuate a small area they believe to have been contaminated by a rare parasite. All is not what it seems, for what they discover could have disastrous repercussions on a worldwide scale. Based on real life military and police disaster scenarios and training operations.
Lilly has been seeing Henry for a while. Things are going great and Lilly suspects that tonight Henry will declare his love for her. But Henry Hot-Stuff has a far more unsettling confession; he's going to introduce Lilly to his 'Family'.

8pm Blood Soaked (Peter Grendle / 2012 / USA / 1h 12m)
A stranded lesbian couple are menaced by Nazi Hitler Youth ‘sisters’ hell bent on their demise.
+ One Careful Owner (Mike Tack / 2013 / UK / 12m)
At Hammers Motors, has Terry the salesman met his match in Chris the awkward customer?

One careful owner
Welcome to college! A freshman on her first day is seduced by an older co-ed and shares a sweaty and sleepless night in the New Mexico desert. After a run-in with road kill the morning after, the newly formed lesbian couple's maiden voyage is violently interrupted by a pair of Hitler youth sisters with a taste for G.T.A. and hate crime. Skull-shattering horror ensues as untested Nazi science unveils a deadly secret and the sister's terrifying plans for a Fourth Reich are revealed. The couple's wits and survival skills are the only things keeping them alive as the nails approach their coffins with blinding speed…
One Careful Owner
It is just another lazy Sunday morning at Hammers Motors. Terry Fisher - salesman is the only member of staff at work this crisp November morning. Whilst on the phone to an angry customer he spies movement on the forecourt. Chris armed with his auto-trader is looking at a used car on the lot. Terry senses a quick kill and delivers his sales pitch. Chris is a difficult customer. However the deal made is more terrifying than Terry bargained for.

10.30pm Deep Sleep (Luciano Onetti / 2013 / Argentina / 1h 6m) 
A serial killer targets nubile young women in this violent homage to classic Italian giallos.
+ White Darkness (Rodolfo Herrero / 2013 / Spain / 14m)
The Son of God has returned to earth.

deep Sleep
White Darkness
Sonno Profondo
After murdering a woman, a killer that is traumatized from his childhood memories, gets a mysterious envelope slipped under his door. The hunter becomes the prey when he finds out that the envelope contains photos that show him killing the young woman.
White Darkness
The Son of God has returned to the Earth.


Salty Shorts

Friday 24th January: Friday Fright Night double bill
At the White Bus Cinema, TAP, North Road, Southend-on-Sea:
7pm Return of the Ghost (Jason Wilcox / 2013 / UK / 1h 16m)In a haunted mansion, a couple realise it isn’t only ‘occupied’ by the dead.+ ‘Salty Shorts 1’ A feature length programme of short films from the world of the macabre.
The Collector – Director: Sarah Goodall / UK
Die Cons – Director: Tommy Sigmon / U.S.A
Haunted Hospital – Director: Molly Brown / UK
You are going to Die – Director: Cameron Richardson / UK
Misiek and the Bloody Monitor – Director: Marianna Mankowska / Poland
Other – Director: Danny Delpurgatorio / U.S.A
Candy Hearts – Director: Joan Martin Gimenez  / Spain
Order – Director: Jordi Castejon / Spain
Succubus – Director: Kim Sonderholm / Denmark
Television – Director: Graham Gunner / UK
Angustia – Director – Sebastian Harrer / Germany

Saturday 25th January: Two programmes of ‘Salty Shorts’ from Horror-on-Sea
At the White Bus Cinema, TAP, North Road, Southend-on-Sea:
5pm and 8.30pm ‘Salty Shorts 2 and 3’ Separate performances of two different selections of horror shorts from around the world. Each programme will last at least two and a half hours.
Salty Shorts Programme Two
Voodoo Moustache – Director: Louis Paxton / UK
Profile in Darkness – Director: Graeme Noble / UK
Sticky Fingers – Director: Grahem Gunner / UK
Tate Parade – Director: Marja Calafange / Brazil
Encosto – Director: Joel Caetano / Brazil
Sweet 6Teen – Director: Pantelis Hapeshis / UK
Red – Director: Kevin McGuiness / Canada
Apocalypse Salad – Director: Ryan Pierson / U.S.A
Pinot Rouge – Director: Jordan Cochrane / UK
Bobo Frituras – Director: Felipe Gomez-Ullate / Spain
Dust Jacket –Director:  Kenneth Miller / U.S.A
Behind the Cross – Director: Tomi Kerminen / Finland
Yule – Director: Steven Lancefield / UK

Salty Shorts Programme Three
The Snow Man – Director:  Erik Gulbrandsen / U.S.A
The Revenant – Director: Victor Druillet / France
Your Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse – Director: Molly Brown / UK
The End of Berlusconi  - Director: Francesco Filippi / Italy
Survivalismo - Director: Jose Pedro Lopes / Portugal
Monomania – Director: Ben Vokes / UK
Fist of Jesus – Director: David Munoz & Adrian Cardona / Spain
Don’t Look There – Daniel Romero / Spain
Mecsmeufs – Director:  Liam Engle / France
Call me Crazy – Director:  Adam Orton / U.S.A
Doors – Director: Michele De Angelis / U.S.A
Have you ever had your hair cut with hair Clipper? – Director: Gabriel Buessio & Marilia Hanashiro / Brazil
Horizonte – Director: Aitor Uribarri / Spain
Rotten Apple – Director: John McGovern / Ireland

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