Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Leigh Art Trail Promoting Artists in Leigh on Sea Essex

Leigh on Sea Art Trail

What: art, sculpture, photography, ceramics, painting, pottery exhibition of modern art

 7th - 14th June 2014

Founded in 1997 by a community of artists, the annual Art Trail is centred around the estuary town of Leigh on Sea, Essex. Come to this delightful fishing town to see the art, visit the many studios and shops and explore historic landmarks.

The Art Trail is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers whose aim is to promote artists from Leigh, as well as other invited guest artists. To get involved or to find out more, please

2013 Leigh Art Trail

Dates: 15th - 22nd June 2013

Previous Years Venues:

Broadway Opticians
Fancy Nancy
Polar House
Castle Lawson Design
Elm Road
The Estuary
34 Sea View Road
Sara-Jane & Daniel
42 Southsea Avenue
The Estuary Gallery
Carmen Handbag Boutique
Terracotta Tea Rooms
Old Leigh Studios
Net Paper Ltd
10 Southsea Avenue
Cedar Tree
Mortgage Concierge
Belle Fabrics
Ruby Room
Studio 3
Made in Leigh
The Popular Retreat
Went to Market
Faux Workshop and Gallery
BHK Insurance
The Mosaic Studio
The Book Inn
The Coffee Bean Company
Switch Skatestore
12 Leighcliff Studios

Previous Years Artists

Richard Baxter
Howard Robinson
Annabel Johnson
David Greenwood
Toby Brown
Paula Puncher
Michelle Goldman
David Shields
Lisa Castle
John Bulley
Sandra Wray
Southend Adult Comunity College
Simon Fowler
Hannah Abrams
Richard Argent
Dave Fendell
Emma Mills
Sheila Appleton
Neil Brown
Matthew Swain
Simon Hollands
Mina Sabri-Tabrizi
Denise Jaques
Christine Tuncelli
Dominic Mylroie
Andy Rose
Emma Bell
E.A.S.T Textile Group
Susan Allen
James Ravinet
Simon Kirk
Karen Christensen
Kevin Lee
Ian James
Helle Johansen-Baker
Tricia North
Bronwyn Oldham
Tessa Frampton
Jonathan Trim
Simon Feather
Lianne Green
Charlie Skelton
Alec Owen
Sharon Byrne
Marks Yeomans
Lola Swain
Paul Siggins
Sarah Mason
The Art Trail is a non-profit organisation to promote artists from Leigh on Sea run by volunteers. Click here to get involved or to find out more.

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